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The problem these days is, we are not eating real food anymore, we are eating food-like products. Most of us are over-medicated and undernourished, despite being overfed. 


I have always been passionate about healthy eating. I do not have any weight loss or illness story that forced me to take this path in life. I have just always known that eating real vibrant food that has not been processed makes me feel good and I know it's making me live longer, stay well and stay slim.


I have been modifying recipes for as long as I can remember. My brother and I were whipping up buckwheat pancakes in the family kitchen in the seventies when we were ten and eleven year olds. Bless my mother for exposing us to good food at an early age. With her doing so it has set the precedent for later life with both my brother and I. I urge you to do the same with your children. It's so important for their future health. Learning to cook is such a useful life-skill.  


As a Certified Food Coach my passion is to help people navigate the confusing information around food that we are bombarded with. It's so simple and easy once you know how. I want you to get the right information and I have the tools to help you to understand how simple it is to eat for health and longevity, so it becomes a way of life for you forever. Imagine never having to go in a diet for the rest of your life, always being slim, and not suffering from the most common dietary ailments that most people seem to suffer from. 


I am passionate about healthy, live, vibrant food and I want to get the word out there. If we know more then we can do more and if that applies to our diet, then that is something I want to be part of.  Information is power, so how nice would it be to have the information on what is best for your health. That would put you in charge of your own health destiny. 


My dream is for everyone to not limit themselves to what they were brought up eating and expand our minds and our tastebuds to a whole new way of thinking about food.  I will help you navigate the world of strange sounding things like Quinoa, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries and I promise you will have fun and taste plenty of delicious food along the way.


I know that what we put into our mouths affects us directly. Food is our medicine. What we eat has a major impact on our overall health. Mother nature has provided us with all the nourishment that our bodies need, so let's take advantage of that.


My aim is to get you back to basics so you can rediscover the feeling of health and vitality that makes you want to spring out of bed every day and live life to the full. The best part is, it's simpler and easier than you think. You are worth the effort. It's time to put your health at the top of your priority list. Your body  and family will thank you for it.  

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